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Medical billing services

It is a daunting task to navigate ever changing payer and regulatory requirements. You need to have the appropriate infrastructure to maintain your billing quality and to reduce errors. The costs for these are prohibitive to physician practices. By allowing us to take care of your medical billing, you will

  • Increase your revenues and improve your reimbursement collections
  • Get paid quicker and improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your administration overhead costs
  • Achieve efficiencies offered by a 24-hour billing provider as compared to inhouse staff
  • Never worry about compliance again
  • Minimize billing denials

We operate as a true steward of your financial success. We are committed to track all submissions and resolve claim issues as fast as possible. Our 24-hour operation allows us to get your reimbursements faster. Our team of revenue cycle experts and certified specialty-trained coders use advanced workflow technology to successfully navigate complex reimbursement regulations.

Industry best practices are used to ensure that compliance is rigorously integrated with everything that our medical billing operations does. In addition to this our skilled experts perform internal and external audits to identify inaccuracies that may delay or reduce reimbursement, ensuring the highest possible revenue generation for your practice. Additionally, our comprehensive business intelligence reports provide you with the right information to effectively manage your practice.

What we do to improve your revenue cycle

  • Scrub data and effectively and manage payer-specific rules
  • Demographic verification
  • Verify eligibility
  • Bill third parties
  • Specialty-specific medical coding services (diagnosis and procedure)
  • Electronic remittance handling and payment posting
  • Contract variance reports
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Physician credentialing
  • Practice intelligence reports – standard and custom practice management reports
  • Call center for patient inquiry and follow-up

Our medical billing services consistently deliver a better top line because of our motto "Fanatical revenue focus". All our teams are focused in collecting every cent of your hard-earned reimbursements. With having us as your billing partner, you spend less time worrying about denied claims due to errors, collecting payments or dealing with insurance companies.

Our advantage

Ask our clients, and they will tell you that we provide a worry-free service. As your business partner we focus only on the financial success of your practice. Our revenue cycle specialists are empowered to fully focus only on optimizing your revenue and reducing costs. Our team uses proven processes that keeps cycle time to a minimum and expedites maximum reimbursement.

Our skilled medical billing experts streamline your business by doing the following tasks:

  • Reconcile all charges that are received against your service log to ensure all the services that you have provided have been submitted for payment
  • Identify opportunities to improve your practice efficiency
  • Track and review payments received from payers for appropriateness and accuracy
  • Watch for potential compliance issues to avoid payment delays or denials
  • Comprehensive reports that increases your practice transparency

When you choose us, you get a business partner who is focused only on your financial interests to collect the maximum revenue that you have earned.

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