Pain management medical billing services

"Your practice, your hard earned money – we will get the maximum reimbursement for you"

It is very frustrating when you work hard and don’t get paid appropriately for your work. That’s why our staff are trained to fanatically focus in getting maximum payments for you.

What you get from our billing services

  • Staff who are fanatically focused in getting you more from the payers
  • Service processes that are tailored to getting you paid 30% faster
  • 100% skilled and accredited billers and coders
  • Useful information to manage your day to day practice
  • Delightful experience

Often, the responsibility of insurance billing is left to one individual at your office, who is busy with other patient related tasks. If your office manager is absent, all billing activities are likely to cease, severely reducing your cash flow. When you give your billing tasks to us, you get uninterrupted billing services with no compromise on your collections. Our team works in two shifts getting your claims paid faster.


What are your rates?

It is a small percentage of your billing collections. Our rates are extremely affordable and a fraction of inhouse billers. By using our service, you get low rates and at the same time you get staff who are focused only on your financial success. You will notice an increase in your practice revenue from 5 to 20% and at the same time reduce your billing costs as well.

How will you take control of my accounts receivable?

Pursuing accounts receivable constantly is one of the significant issues encountered at a Care practice. You can be assured that our accounts receivable specialists will fight hard to get you paid by the insurance company. You can be worry free and focus on taking care of your patients.

What software are you familiar with?

Our staff have experience in working with a wide variety of software used by Pain management practices. If you currently do not use a software, we will provide you with a FREE Practice Management System.

How will you access my information?

If you use a Web based software, then all we would need is an additional login. If you use a desktop software our IT team can help set up remote logins so that our staff can work remotely in your own office.

How long is your agreement period?

We are confident about our services and the value that our fanatically revenue focused Pain management billing specialists will bring to your practice that we do not bind you with any long term agreements. You can leave anytime with a 15-day notice. Most of our clients choose to stay with us for many years due to the value we bring to their practice.

Who will be my point of contact?

We will provide a team and an account manager who exclusively works for your practice You can call our point of contact anytime, based on your convenience.

How will I get my billing reports?

We aim to give you the most informative reports that will help you determine what you need to do to earn maximum revenue for your practice. We also provide you with information regarding patient care that would help you provide better care and referrals. We can also provide with any other custom reports that you require to conduct your Physical therapy practice to its maximum efficiency.

How error free is your claims submission?

We take billing errors very seriously. Our experienced billing staff are well aware that billing errors not only costs practices revenue but also creates a negative impression on patients. Our billing experts check for errors before submission achieving 99% or more accuracy. You can be worry free leaving your billing with our experts.

Who handles insurance payments and deposits?

We do not receive or handle your payments. All payments will be directly deposited into your bank account by the payers. We will handle the EOB’s and manage it appropriately so that you get paid accurately for the services provided.

Do you have a customer support team that can help me?

Yes, we can provide customer support for your front office and set up patient appointments. This team can then coordinate with the billing staff to get the patient verified for insurance eligibility. You will totally feel as if we are your In-house team.

Do you replace our staff members currently working on billing?

Our billing services allows staff from your office to free up more time to focus on the daily operations and give them more time for individualized patient attention. You can refocus your staff to serve other vital roles at your practice that will increase your patient referrals.

Do you offer referral discounts?

Yes, we offer invoice discount for all clients who refer our services. Referrals from our satisfied clients is the primary method in how we grow our business.

How do you securely handle PHI information?

As an ISO 27001 information security certified and HIPAA compliant company we are extremely careful when dealing with PHI. We only use encrypted emails to send PHI related information. We have multiple security processes in addition to encryption to protect your PHI.

How can you use new technology to help us?

Technology keeps evolving. Since we work with a wide range of customers our team is abreast with the latest technologies. Examples include: CPAP tracking, Oxygen tank replenishments, Email encryption etc. We will inform you with any new technology that would benefit your company and can also implement it quickly so that you can reap it’s benefits.

How soon you can start?

We will start working as soon as the paper work is completed. You will start seeing results within a couple of weeks after you engage with us.

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